Fight For Your Faction

Edited by Michael Darsch Irving, Aussie Ranger Lead Producer Ben Irving was at it again, joined by Senior Level Designer Emily Taylor, as we were led through a Legendary Contract mission, showing of a part of Anthem’s endgame. Ben had published a poll on twitter earlier in the week to vote on what Javelin the […]

The Heart of Rage

Edited by Michael Darsch Shaper Storms and You: A Freelancer’s Burden In the world of Anthem, Freelancers come from a lineage of people who protected Humanity from the dangers of a planet unfinished. Among these dangers are Shaper Storms, energy that is manifested from the chaotic nature of the Anthem of Creation. These Storms are […]

A Short, Open Letter to the Community and Developers

Strong Alone. Stronger Together. To the Anthem Community: Hello! Some of you know me by the guy who does stream write ups on Reddit and archives them on my site. For those of you who don’t know me, I am happy to be able to meet you! As we celebrate the holidays, the end of […]

Your Story: A Brief Look

Mike and Sabine XSplit from combat gameplay for a brief taste of Fort Tarsis On November 29th,Level Designer Sabine Rosgren and Lead Producer Mike Gamble sat down to show us a little bit about how our story will start, as well as how we can spend some time with our crew and the people of […]