September 30th – October 6th

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  • Already figured this from previous tweets, but yes the preorder Legion of Dawn skins colors can change to your liking: Source

  • You can carry only one weapon if you so choose to, but not sure why you would. Challenge yourself maybe. Course Sabre could’ve been asking if they could carry two of the same weapon type, not quite clear. Also, leaving a weapon slot open does not give you increased mobility: Source & Source

  • HUDs should be the same no matter what Javelin you’re in: Source

  • In order for their to be an Iron Man skin in the game BioWare would need to get Disney on board with this. EA already has contacts with Disney via Star Wars so its not out of the realm of possibility: Source

  • Again, you need an internet connection to play Anthem. This is part of the Our World aspect of the game where they have dedicated servers so everyone experiences a shared world: Source

  • The three Javelins after the Ranger were initially going to be tied to missions. They’ve recently changed this to level thresholds as they found it took to long to unlock them. So each Javelin after the Ranger is now level gated. But don’t worry, Mark stated that you’ll still have a choice of which Javelin to unlock at each level gate. Currently it is tiered at every 5 levels. So the first Javelin should be unlocked at Level 5: SourceSourceSourceSource

  • We discussed in a previous week’s post that there should be ultra wide support for Anthem come launch: Source

  • You will only get loot drops for Javelins that you have unlocked. For instance, if you only have the Ranger and Storm unlocked you will not receive loot for the Colossus or Interceptor: Source

  • PC will have controller support: Source

  • Just a reminder, you will need to go to the Forge in Fort Tarsis to switch out your Javelin. This is also where the customization of your Javelin will take place. There is also a Forge in your Strider: Source, Source

Little info so far this week, but if the devs answer any more questions through the weekend I’ll add them in and update the post.

No video this week as I will be out of town, but I will be sure to have another post next week to keep everyone updated. Have an amazing rest of your week. Keep asking questions.



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