September 23rd – September 29th

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  • Anthem is now in ALPHA state!!! What does that mean, well for the BioWare employees it means Anthem Fridays where they get to play an hour of the game every Friday at work. It also means that the Anthem team will be polishing, tinkering, tuning, and bug fixing Anthem all the way through launch on February 22nd: Source

  • At the moment, we will not be able to give health to our other teammates. But remember as discussed before there will be health pickups that will drop after defeating an enemy: Source

  • Yes, you can have multiple characters on a single account: Source

  • Again, the pre-order skins will be cosmetic. No answer on whether or not they will come with any effects. Also, these skins are exclusive to those who pre-order Anthem: Source

  • At launch, you will not be able to change the padding color within your Javelin. Although, Mark stated the team has discussed this: Source

  • Jon stated that when you’ve fallen in the thick of battle its hard to beat the Colossus’ ability to wade into chaos and save other Javelins. Still not confirmation on buffing and healing yet: Source

  • New footage is coming, be patient. This was also confirmed with the Anthem Universe duo in their Anthem Cast interview: Source

  • Javelin jets are indeed eco friendly: Source

  • If you had any doubt before, no you can’t eject out of your Javelin outside of Fort Tarsis, the Pilot’s health and Javelin health are linked within the game: Source

  • Yes, the Colossus can revive a teammate while it has it’s shield up: Source

  • Michael teases us with a potential site with “teeth”, a reply towards Alain, a BioWare Production employee, who spoke about a secret area that took him to this amazing…we don’t know as he “redacted his comment”. Indeed it was something special we’ll just have to wait to discover: Source

  • Again, Shaper storms, just like Strongholds, require four people to complete: Source

  • The skulls that appeared on some of the enemies health bars used to indicate elites. Mark stated they are no longer using this icon anymore: Source

  • There will not be any texture or color schemes within your cosmetics that make you less visible to the enemy: Source

  • The Interceptor will indeed be able to carry more than one weapon in Anthem. Mark clarified that in the gameplay trailer we saw, the Interceptor in the trailer was level 1, which is impossible in the real game as the Ranger is only Javelin available at this level: Source

  • Darn! No info on an Alpha or Beta release yet: Source

  • Interceptor will not be able to use Heavy Weapons, such as the mini gun discussed last week. But they will be able to use shotgun style weapons:  Source, Source

  • At launch, you will not be able to customize your Strider. So this could be a possibility down the road: Source

  • Again, no PVP at launch: Source

  • Not confirmed but this hints that the Anthem team could indeed be working on raids, and if so it will of course have matchmaking: Source

  • The Pilot’s skill tree will indeed be tiered: Source

  • We got a shot of what a Grabbit looks like up close this week. Let’s just say its not as cuddly as you might have thought: Source

  • Again, you will not be able to walk outside Fort Tarsis without your Javelin. This is a dangerous world folks. There are man-eating Grabbits on the offensive and they will not hesitate to snatch your ankle: Source

  • Again, you cannot do a Stronghold solo, even if you tell your friends to pull up some popcorn and watch. Doesn’t mean we won’t test it though: Source

  • This wasn’t on Twitter, but the Anthem Universe, Oh_Gaz and BinaryNumb, had a chance to interview Jonathan Warner this past week and I wanted to include some key insights we received from Jon during the interview. You can watch the video here: Anthem Universe Jon Warner Interview

    • HUBs are important in games. They give the player a chance to relax and reflect upon their accomplishments. Fort Tarsis allows players to take a break from the chaotic world of Anthem where you are constantly having to watch your back. Here you will also get to see the consequences of your actions and how you’ve changed the lives of the characters living in Fort Tarsis. You can explore, learn the history of the Fort, speak with NPCs and learn their story. Jon stated that they wanted to make sure they catered to both sides of the spectrum with Fort Tarsis. You have choices to make in the game, but there is an ease of flexibility for each style of player. If you are story driven then you’ll likely want to get caught up in the lore of Anthem and have the freedom to just explore, while action based can also get in, get out and get back to the action of the outside world.

    • There will be an in game codex similar to how Mass Effect’s was implemented. This will be one of the core vectors to learning the in-game lore. So likely immense and deep where you can dig into the lore of Anthem.

    • We didn’t anything new on the Dominion, and it’s leader The Monitor. I’m being honest I could have misheard Jon here on the name of the Dominion leader, but basically think of the Dominion as a reputable force against the Freelancers who believe that their actions are doing good to those in the world. An example used, was think in the perspective of being on the side of Thanos. You believe you’re seeking control of others for their own good. They have an idea of cultured success and harnessing the power of the Shapers’ technology will bring this to fruition. Again, in their mind’s the Freelancer’s are in the wrong.

    • Jon discussed this moment, the topic was upon the vertical plane of Anthem, where he had flown over this channel of water a dozen times but one day decided to dive down into it. Deep, deep down into the abyss of this place, to the point where it was almost disorienting, he found this treasure chest. Along side it was this wreckage of a Strider that had fallen down into the abyss.

    • Contracts from agents will be basically RNG based. Basically regenerating contracts into unique ways allow players to continue gaining loot and currency within the world.

    • Jon closed with there will be more live streams, and other marketing aspects, in the near future since Anthem has now reached Alpha stage.

And that’s about it for this week Freelancers. As usual a video version will be up on Monday. Have an amazing rest of your weekend. Keep asking questions.



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