October 7th – October 13th

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Content provided by iGame

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  • Again, Anthem will likely have a full-windowed option for those PC users out there, and ultra-wide support as the cinematic scenes will have cinematic overlays with the bars: Source, Source

  • Again, you will only acquire loot for the Javelins you have unlocked. For instance, if you have the Storm equipped, but you also have the Ranger then you will acquire loot drops for the Storm and Ranger with a bias towards the Storm since it’s currently equipped. No loot will drop for the Colossus & Interceptor as they have not been unlocked yet: Source

  • PC does indeed have controller support, we learned of this back at E3: Source

  • There will not be any levels where you can fly through the entirety of them without landing. So likely no levels have a mass amount of waterfalls to cool down your jets, at least not yet: Source

  • Remember, you can hover infinitely with the Storm, but hovering does not cool your jets: Source

  • Again, these are live servers we are playing on so you will need a PS Plus or Xbox Live account to play Anthem: Source

  • This one is likely still TBD as Mark and the team are still unsure as to allowing friends that are lower level to be allowed to play future missions. But if you join another player on a mission, even at a lower level, you will still both progress and get credit for that mission, but you must still qualify for that mission in order to play it with another player. Click the Twitter links for more context: Source, Source, Source

  • Some tweets related back to last week’s info were included into this week. I linked those into the relevant bullet points for last week’s post: (Needs Source to previous weeks post)

  • Ben Irving, Lead Producer, got in on the Twitter game by showcasing combat talks, Dev Team fuel (the kitchen), and UI Design for the Storm’s ultimate. Mike Gamble, another Lead Producer, chimed in by showcasing a new Stronghold shot and teasing Ben as he revealed what looked to be how you would select which elements the Storm tapped into. Looks to be 3 on screen; lightning middle, frost left and likely fire on the right. You’ll have to zoom in on the image to see them: Source, Source, Source, Source

  • Again, you will not be able to acquire the Legion of Dawn cosmetics by playing the game, you must preorder to get these: Source

  • We still don’t know the max pilot level we can obtain in Anthem. Mark wants to provide more context around the level cap before they release the info: Source

  • Again, likely no effect based cosmetics at launch, but this is still something the team is looking into: Source

  • A photo mode will likely not be available at launch as there’s a lot of work that goes into it and tons of other work the team is already on task for: Source

  • Again, cross-play not likely at launch: Source

  • Mark apparently watched The Sixth Sense recently and is starting to see dead people: Source

  • Because Anthem will be using dedicated servers there will be some forms of optimization for as long as the game is running: Source

  • You settings from the Demo, just like your progress, will not carry over to the full game: Source

  • If you want to equip two of the same weapon types in your weapon slots, you are welcome to do so, but this will likely reduce your ammo efficiency: Source

Next video will cover the last two weeks since I wasn’t able to launch one this past week. Another good week with some new intel. Keep asking questions Freelancers!



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