October 21st – October 27th

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Content provided by iGame

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/igamehdr

Twitter: https://twitter.com/iGameHDR

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/sirmav15

Before we get into the tweets lets get into the info we learned during the Paris Games Live Stream. The team had some technical difficulties with the audio so we had an echo at the beginning, but once you get 5 minutes in it goes away. If you want to see the full live stream for yourself check it out here: Source

Confirmed by Mark Darrah on Twitter, the graphics settings were mistakenly turned down so you’ll see the graphics are a bit muddy compared to past streams. This is not a downgrade of any kind as showcased by comparative images to the same mission showcased: Source

UNTDrew, our loving community manager for Anthem, provided a screenshot comparison of low settings vs ultra settings for the mission shown during the live stream.

 Graphics Comparison - Lost Arcanist Mission Graphics Comparison – Lost Arcanist Mission

The cape for the Storm was bugged which is why it’s not as free flowing as it should have been as confirmed by Mark Darrah on Twitter: Source & Source

  • You’ll also notice that the floating damage numbers have been minimized tremendously from the last gameplay footage we saw at E3.

  • Remember that this is still an Alpha build so there’s still work to do with some bugs and the UI.

  • 8:00 – Developers showcased some Grabbit Hunting.

  • 8:44 – We see an Acid Strike from the Interceptor on a Grabbit as stated by Thomas when asking who that was. He asked if that was the Ranger or Interceptor so this insinuates that there’s Acid Grenades as well.

  • 10:40 – We find out that we can cool our jets by hovering close to the water as well, but doesn’t seem to be as instant as flying through a waterfall, or water.

  • 12:50 – You’ll see that after the Storm flies through the waterfall the Cooled icon on the top right lights up, but something is different about this as the icon stayed up for about 25 seconds compared to the 5 seconds it was up for the Colossus in the first gameplay demo. So this may be able to be enhance through our skill tree, or they’ve made some changes in the longevity of it.

  • 14:20 – You’ll see the Storm using the emote wheel. Looks like down on the directional pad is to initiate your emotes and you can cycle through them with the right and left buttons on the pad. Up is our Ultimate Ability.

  • 15:40 – They showcase the Storm’s ultimate in which you can utilize all three elements (fire, ice, lightning) on the enemy.

  • 16:25 – Developers discuss how the Storm is actually at its strongest, defensive wise, while hovering due to its defensive shield. So you’ll want to actually stay hovering while in battle.

  • 18:45Kijooki, an EA Game Changer, asks questions from the community. Answers to all the questions are covered in the Freelancer Primer.

  • 25:03 – Ultimate for the Colossus is showcased, called the Siege Cannon. Described as the most explosive and destructive ultimate from all the Javelins. This Ultimate can fire off three shots, but you have to fire them off before your time runs out.

  • 26:01 – They show off Colossus’s shield burst charge. You can do this charge while flying as well.

  • 26:43 – Showcased the Interceptors Ultimate where the Javelin melees with its dual blades and can zip around the battlefield attacking multiple targets. While in the state of this ultimate your defense is boosted so you are less susceptible to incoming damage.

  • 28:00 – We know that the Storm can hover forever, but we find out that this is due to the seals on the Javelin’s arms.

  • 30:40 – Storm’s melee attack.

  • 31:00 – We get a good look at the Elite Scar Enforcer showcasing a shield and flamethrower. You’ll notice that shooting bullets at the shied does no damage to the shield itself.

  • They stopped the mission as they want to mitigate spoilers within the story.

Alright now on to everything new within the Twitter feed:

  • In theory, we could solo a world event such as an Ash Titan. So likely we could gear up enough to take one of these things on our own, but it likely won’t be easy: Source

  • EXCITING NEWS!!! Michael Gamble and Ben Irving will be hosting a live stream next week. Likely showcasing some more gameplay footage for the Interceptor and Storm Javelins: SourceSource  & Source & Source

  • There will be no pets in Anthem, or at least not at launch: Source

  • HUD elements will not have customization (reticle, health bar, damage text, etc.) at launch: Source

  • Again, the flare, as we saw in the Gameplay Demo after E3, is initiated by an emote, but we may have to unlock it first: Source & Source

  • There is specific support for color blindness within the settings: Source

  • Michael Gamble gave us a glimpse of his customized Storm within the Forge: Source

  • Consumable are crafted. What these consumables will do for us is still yet to be known: Source

  • Again, there is not a setting to switch between 1st and 3rd person. While in your Javelin out in the world you are in 3rd person, while in Fort Tarsis you will be in 1st person: Source

  • Ben Irving showcases another office shot where one of the team members is working on one of the cinematic scenes within the game: Source

  • There will be aesthetic skins for our Javelins that allow us to showcase a worn and torn look on our Javelins: Source

  • At max level you will not have all the perks available within the game: Source

  • The gates showcased within the Arcanist mission is specific to that mission and can’t be disabled: Source

  • Michael made a statement that everyone should expect there to be some bugs within the builds shown on live stream. He stated they want to be transparent as possible showcasing early, sometimes older builds, unfinished content that usually gets polished within a marketing trailer: Source

  • Emily Taylor, a game designer for EA, showcased a moment in Anthem showcasing the graphics that are not even maxed out: Source

  • The stream on November 1st is likely to only be 30 minutes, but Ben stated they could become famous encore streamers: Source

  • Anthem Game twitter also answered some AMAAAA questions. Again there will be post launch support for potential “DLC” Javelins, you can customize individual armor pieces of your Javelin, and will include some crossover cosmetics. An example would be the N7 Mass Effect Ranger Armor: Source

  • Anthem Game teased that capabilities to provide support to other Javelins (such as buffs/healing) could be within various gear components: Source

  • Again, for customization you’ll choose your Javelin first then we’ll be able to customize our gear and equipment: Source

  • Each Javelin is able to revive another Javelin, but each will apparently have their own unique support capabilities: Source

New intel coming next week with the Live Stream with Michael and Ben. The developers continue to provide us with new information so keep asking questions on twitter Freelancers! Remember to tag with #AMAAAA.



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