October 14th – October 20th

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Content provided by iGame

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  • Remember, you change your Javelin’s role through your gear. In addition to your two guns you will have 3 dedicated gear slots. So if you were the Colossus, the flamethrower and rail gun go in the same slot so they couldn’t be combined together. Same for the multi mortar or flame mortar: Source, Source, Source

  • Thanks to our good buddy William we now know that there is no primary or secondary slots in Anthem. Currently, you can place any weapon type in any weapon slot: Source

  • Gear will start to acquire a few “perks” at the Uncommon tier: Source

  • Technically the Ultimate and Melee ability are gear slots, but will not be changeable at launch: Source

  • There will be re-playable content come Demo time: Source

  • u/BenIrvo coming in hot again with some on-site images from the Edmonton office: Source, Source, Source

  • It was Andrew Johnson’s birthday this past week, Global Community Lead for Anthem. Go wish u/UNTDrew a belated Happy Bday if you haven’t already done so: Source

  • Michael Gamble showcasing an office photo as well displaying some graphics for level 1 in Anthem. The level is showcasing an example of something a shaper artifact created: Source, Source

  • If you missed it, Redbull wrote an article on Anthem. Thanks Jon: Source

  • Mark confirmed this week that there will be more team based abilities that provide possible boosts, buffs, healing, etc. This question came after there was some changes on the EA Blogs regarding all Javelin, see links at end: Source

  • Scylla, Producer for Anthem, joined in on the office photos showcasing gameplay testing: Source

  • EA Access can carry over your progress: Source

  • Mark asked the community about boosts this past week. Boosts in regards to XP, reputation, loot, etc after launch. Again, there are no plans for this, Mark was simply asking for feedback from the community. The consensus is a pretty strong no all around, but this is not to say that this could come about years after game launch. I’ll state my opinion on this in the video: Source,  Source, Source, Source, Source,  Source,  Source

  • u/BenIrvo gave us even more info on the Interceptor stating that because of our great community speaking on possible melee builds that there is now some gear for the Interceptor that will allow for a melee build(s) [possibly plural]. He also mentioned this on another Reddit post from Your Anthem where Ben clarified that we would likely see more info on this come November 1st: Source, Source

  • Our good buddy Alem joined in the fun on Twitter asking a question if combos are based on interactions of elements between them or if it was a gear thing. u/BenIrvo stated it’s mainly a gear thing, some thing “prime” a target while others can “detonate” a target. After a clarifying, tweet from Just Laura asking if that meant guns too, Mark then replied with a zipped up mouth emoji. So likely this works with guns as well. Good thing Ben lives down near Austin or I think Mark might come after him, ha!: Source, Source

  • You can take cover in Anthem, but this is not a cover shooter: Source

  • Third active gear slot is for mainly squad support. Also, Javelins will have multiple support abilities to choose from: Source, Source

  • Michael Gamble surprised us with a screenshot of the revive screen. You can see him and another Ranger down while the Interceptor goes in for the revive, or repair as its stated in the image. Also, no need for repair kits as every Javelin can repair one another at the get go: Source, Source

  • So we have confirmation that currently if you equip two weapons of the same weapon type each have they’re own ammo reserve. For example, if you have two SMGs equipped and you use up all the ammo in one, you’ll have full ammo to use in the other SMG to use: Source,  Source

  • There will be checkpoints in strongholds, missions, and…other things: Source

  • Also, if you disconnect while in a Stronghold you’ll a window of time where you can connect back in with your team: Source

  • Currently there are no plans for friendly fire within some of the more challenging Strongholds: Source

  • EA Blogs have been changed a bit for each Javelin. Key changes were to the Storm and Interceptor pages, but it seems we’ll soon learn more about each Javelin’s gear and Ultimate Ability in more detail later:

    • Ranger: https://www.ea.com/games/anthem/news/meet-the-ranger-javelin

    • Colossus: https://www.ea.com/games/anthem/news/meet-the-colossus-javelin

    • Storm: https://www.ea.com/games/anthem/news/meet-the-storm-javelin

      • Note that the game is still in development and some of the names and features could change before launch, but some key new info we learned was regarding the Storm’s melee ability.

      • Storm Javelin Melee ability is named “Fiery Strike”. If you didn’t know the Storm utilizes seals on its arm to boost latent kinesis powers. Through these seals the Storm can perform a melee attack that delivers an explosive flash that deals damage and knocks back enemies that have come too close. This gives the Storm time to reposition to a safe distance.

      • Also, we learned this through tweets, but the Storm can use every weapon type except Heavy Weapons (which are only used by the Colossus).

    • Interceptor: https://www.ea.com/games/anthem/news/meet-the-interceptor-javelin

      • As stated in a stream quite some time ago with Mark and Jon the Interceptor will use a pair of double bladed daggers for its melee attack. The melee attack will deliver a multi-hit flurry of slashes, dealing damage in a chain of powerful attacks that can be continued indefinitely. Which likely why they stated the Interceptor would be great for crowd control because it seems as long as there’s an enemy to hit you can keep on striking with the Interceptor.

New intel every week as we get closer and closer to demo date. Keep asking questions Freelancers!



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