February 10th – February 16th

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  • Let’s dive in…

  • There will be recommended power levels (Gear Score) once you reach Grand Master difficulty levels: Source
  • Mike Gamble’s 7 tips, technically 8, for diving into the Anthem:

  1. Please try to avoid spoiling the story for anyone. If you care about story, be careful watching streams: Source
  2. In between missions, talk to the people in Tarsis. They have stories to tell, and I’m proud of the awesome characters the team have written. Many of them hilarious AF and offer great insight into the world: Source
  3. We give you a bunch of coin in the beginning. I recommend playing a few hours to see what Javelin and look you want. The customization system is DEEP. In other words, don’t blow it all in 5 minutes: Source
  4. Use the alliance system. It’s awesome. You’ll get good coin from it: Source
  5. If you like a challenge – play on hard. The loot is better, and the missions are beefier. Just don’t be surprised if you get your butt handed to you until you’re good: Source
  6. Seriously though. Use the alliance system: Source
  7. Start out by being aware of the daily and weekly challenges. They’re awesome valuable: Source
  8. Reinforce folks and use quickplay. A friend in need is a friend indeed: Source

  • According to Jon Warner, the most efficient way to grind XP is always including the Alliance System. So squad up. There’s plenty of great discords and groups available for Anthem to make friends with: Source
  • ICYMI, u/BenIrvo and Chad Robertson were in a live stream this past week to answer some questions and chill with the fans: Video
  • For anyone who downloaded the OST for Anthem, its in the wrong track order. Sarah Schachner was kind enough to give us the correct order via twitter. Full soundtrack will be available on iTunes on the 22nd: Source & Source
  • If you haven’t already made to this point yet in the game, you’re going to learn more on the lore regarding the companions of General Tarsis (Yvenia, Artinia, Gawnes, and Cariff): Source
  • Some, better, Anthem merch launched this past week: Source
  • Official Anthem launch will be February 22nd at 12am for each time zone. So Australia is first on the list. Note that North America time zones release all at the same time so 12am East Coast and 9pm on the West Coast: Source & Source
  • Submit your personalized javelins to the Anthem crew #MyJavelin: Submit Here
  • For those of you on Xbox and trying to get in Anthem for Early Access (EA Access), use this method here
  • Getting faction points will unlock different wear states, as well as colors: Source
  • Here’s the breakdown for Act 01 for Anthem Live Service: Source
  • Step by step on how to unlock your Anthem pre-order and edition rewards: Source
  • Bug on Xbox where the game won’t reconnect: Source
  • Mike Gamble called out some bugs they at are known and the team is addressing (Day 1 Thread):
  1. Getting shot by invisible people. This is streaming related. Especially on slower/full hard drives. Patch makes it much better: Source
  2. Crashes/disconnects when talking to people in Fort. This is faction point related. Fixed: Source
  3. Loading screens rarely not completing. More fixes there: Source
  4. Audio Disappearing: Source
  5. Opening chests (counting challenges) will have a large radius. If anyone in your squad opens it, you should get credit for the open: Source
  6. Fixed an issue where some folks said they had completed all of the trials but couldn’t get into the tomb: Source
  7. Performance on ALL platforms will continue upward. Smoother frame rate, fixed hitches. Etc: Source
  8. Xbox settings not being saved for some folks is fixed. It will likely come in with the Feb. 22nd patch: Source & Source
  9. There was an initial bug where you could unlock all the javelins before the proper level gates. Those that experienced this get to keep them: Source


And that’s it for this week’s update. If you’re a regular here you already know the Max Gear score, but if you want to get a better idea of what you’ll be chasing once you reach end game check out the latest video: Max Gear Score


Time to get back to it freelancers. Official launch date with another patch coming soon. See you out there. #havefun





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  1. They released a list of Day One Update Details via reddit yesterday. I realize this wasn’t last week, but maybe this can be shared with readers if there’s no update before the 22nd?

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