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Edited by Michael Darsch

Shaper Storms and You: A Freelancer’s Burden

In the world of Anthem, Freelancers come from a lineage of people who protected Humanity from the dangers of a planet unfinished. Among these dangers are Shaper Storms, energy that is manifested from the chaotic nature of the Anthem of Creation. These Storms are very difficult to silence, requiring teams of Freelancers to take them head on with careful planning and precision. One would be foolish to try to tackle these powerful creations without the proper gear or team. One of these storms in particular has a name, and has been burning for a very long time. Its name is the Heart of Rage. What do we know about this special Shaper storm? Where does it come from and why hasn’t it been silenced? Let’s use what we know from publicly released data and some context clues to help piece this together. I will not be using information from any leaks or data mines that may have talked about this. A lot of the information is coming from a short snippet of Mike Gamble’s deep dive into Anthem’s story trailer. You can watch that by clicking here.

The Heart of Rage is a Shaper Storm, this was confirmed by Mike in the video. It is a Storm that we will be able to go into during the critical path of the game. It is obviously dangerous, as it is protected by at least one Titan that we know of. You can see a small snippet of the Heart of Rage at the 32 second mark, or the image below. We also know that the Anthem of Creation is very true to its name. Since this Storm is a byproduct of the Anthem’s chaotic nature, it wouldn’t be so farfetched to state that it creates these hostile creatures that surround it. Having been around for so long, and having that much power at its disposal means the Freelancers are in for a difficult challenge.

It is a Storm that seems to have survived many assaults the Freelancers have thrown at it. Surely, they would not have let it fester without good reason? That is their job after all, to shut these things down. Haluk mentions the Heart of Rage early on in the trailer released at the Game Awards.  “You have no idea what the Heart of Rage can do to a person,” he says to Owen, Faye, and The Freelancer in the Strider. My speculation on this is that he has encountered it before, being a former active Freelancer himself. Could this be where he sustained his injury, during an assault against this Storm? Were we there? We know from previous discussions, that Haluk, Faye, and our Freelancer have history, so I believe it is fair to say that we, or they, have tried to assault this thing unsuccessfully before.

 A Titan collapses in front of the Heart of Rage. A Titan collapses in front of the Heart of Rage.

 A City in Ruin. A City in Ruin.

In both images, you’ll notice some rather alien architecture, but some familiar as well. From what we know of Shaper architecture, it looks anything but normal. Intertwined with this Shaper tech seems to be the remnants of a human city. The last image above shows two of those large Shaper structures flanking the sides of the brightly lit Storm. In front, you can see what seems to be a wall of some sort, similar to other images we had seen of Fort Tarsis. A human city mixed with Shaper relics and a raging Storm could mean a few things. We’re unsure the location of this city, or what it is called, but it could be former Dominion territory in which they experimented with the tech. Or, with how long this Storm has been raging, could it be something that the Legion of Dawn had been experimenting with that caused this cataclysm? The legends of the Legion hail them as heroes, but legends tend to twist tales.

There isn’t much else we know about the Heart of Rage, but we can be guaranteed that we’ll learn all about it when Anthem launches and we play through the critical path. If you have any thoughts about the Heart of Rage, feel free to leave a comment below and discuss with your fellow Freelancers.

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