February 3rd – February 9th

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Content provided by iGame

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Let’s dive in…

  • If you missed it u/BenIrvo gave us a breakdown of the Alliance System and Guilds. In short, the Alliance System will be available at launch, Guilds will be available later on: Article

  • The dev team laid out the issues that occurred in the demo that have already been addressed for launch. One of these fixes being the issue with the system that removes enemies when it thinks you aren’t fight them: Article & Source

  • You may have noticed during the Stronghold in the demo that you and your team would disconnect and the stronghold would crash. Mark stated that the team thinks it might be a piece of gear and are looking into it: Source

  • There will be a safe zone setting for you to adjust the screen size to your tv/monitor at launch: Source

  • The track list is out for the Anthem Soundtrack: Source

  • The event we saw last Sunday with the Storm and increase in enemy spawns, along with Ash Titans, was just a small glimpse into what’s to come with these cataclysmic events: Source & Source & Screen & Screen & Source & Source & Source

  • Mike Gamble talks about factions within Fort Tarsis (Arcanists, Freelancers, Sentinels) Doing missions and having conversations with agents of these factions gain you reputation points. During these conversations you’ll make choices between one faction or another, but you can make up for it in freeplay or running missions for a faction. Getting those reputation points apply to challenges which will unlock crafting blueprints and other goodies. this will also change the look of your personal Fort Tarsis. There will be 3 challenges for each faction at launch. This will all also lead to Legendary Contracts which I’ve discussed in a previous video here: Source & Source & Source & Source

  • There will be continued optimization for the game as they add free content. remember this is a live service game: Source & Source

  • Mike Gamble breaks down more of what to expect at launch of Anthem: Source & Source

  • There is NOTHING (all caps from Mike) gated behind monetization (mtx) only in Anthem. The are some non-mtx exceptions that are related to pre-order (Legion of Dawn Armor) and other promotional bonuses. the team will continue to be fully transparent on this: Source & Source

  • More great fan art from Lazare: Source

  • Remember that Anthem is not a cover shooter. So tight aim will always be on the right side: Source

  • Statement from u/BenIrvo over the re-balancing the Devastator (Sniper Rifle) will receive come launch: Source

  • For those who were enveloped by the black hole of sight underwater, the team is aware and are already increasing the brightness: Source

  • This is Anthem Part 2 came out this past week: Video

  • First Anthem Roadmap: Source & Source

  • 44 million hours were played during the Anthem Demo: Source

  • There will not be companions in Anthem, Dragon Age on the other hand: Source

  • The echo issues that occurred in the demo will be fixed for the full game: Source

  • There will be running in Fort Tarsis in the full game, and movement responsiveness and camera improvements will come at main launch on Feb. 22nd: Source & Source

  • Response against votes to kick players and AFK timers in Anthem: Source

  • There will not be a dedicated healer/support javelin. The team doesn’t want enforced RPG classes for the javelins. Each can have an advantage via a certain role, but they’d rather offer flexibility of builds via offensive, defensive, and support based gear: Source

  • Statement regarding not being able to change gear on the fly and why its done within the Forge: Source

  • More coming on aspirational content within Anthem: Source

  • Again, your xp and loot are not lost if you disconnect. you will acquire it the next time you complete a mission or exit freeplay: Source

  • Patch notes will be communicated after the initial patch on Feb. 15th. There is currently not a full comprehensive list, but most of the fixes have been mentioned on Twitter: Source & Source

  • There will, again, not be elemental weapons at launch. The team wants primers and detonators to be gear focused: Source

  • You will be able to choose to go to Fort Tarsis or the new Social HUB when you’ve completed a mission: Source

  • The cosmetic store in Anthem will rotate frequently. The economy(price & earning speed) of cosmetics/coin/shards will having adjustments for balance as the team wants to ensure you can earn things in the game in a reasonable amount of time: Source & Source

  • Another voice actor has been revealed. Our cypher Faye is played by Rochelle Neil: Source

  • FYI once you reach level 30 you will have access to all Grand Master difficulty levels. Also, the balance was previously way off for the top grandmaster difficulty levels so they were adjusted for the full game: Source & Source

  • If you felt the wind wall was weak in the demo remember that you’ll be able to increase it power as you gain a higher rarity of the gear piece, and couple it with the right components & inscriptions: Source

  • If you ever get stuck in the geometry of the world you can go to the map and choose to respawn: Source

  • Steve Anderson (Sr QA Art Analyst) took a stroll through the woods with his Storm: Source

  • Pretty sure I saw this while playing the Stronghold in the demo, but the AOE combo effect of the Colossus should be able to detonate additional primed targets for another combo: Source

  • There are recommended gear scores for the Grand Master difficulties: Source

And that’s it for this week’s update. If you want a glimpse into some builds we could work towards with the Storm javelin check out my latest video: Lords of Winter

Only five more days till early access launch of Anthem! See you out in Bastion! #havefun



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