January 27th – February 2nd

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Content provided by iGame

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Not dev related, but figured you would want to see the new version of the updated map of Bastion in Anthem, credit to u/Ukumio: Source

  • If you were in the VIP Demo, the 0% inscriptions you saw was a bug that has already been resolved for launch: Source

  • Flight control will take some practice with KB+M, but Ben Irving stated it best: Source

You can use the arrow keys, otherwise no. Part of it is getting your flight sensitivity right, part of it is practice and part of it is some small fixes we have made since the demo. -Ben Irving

  • For those worried about trolls during the echo portion of missions, there is a fix coming to the main game: Source

  • You will be able to run in Fort Tarsis, it’s just turned off for the Demo: Source

  • Inscription will be more generic, instead of Javelin specific in the full game: Source

  • World Events are dynamic, so different every time, and they only trigger when a player is close by: Source

  • The team would like to create something that showcases all of our loadout stats, but likely won’t be available at launch: Source

  • Again, this is just a demo. The full game is significantly bigger and has a ton more content: Source

  • New primer & detonator icons will show properly within the full game: Source

  • In the full game, the underwater view will be brighter: Source

  • There are many feats that grant you XP in Anthem: Source

  • Again, if you played in the VIP Demo, all your progress will carry over into the Open Demo: Source

  • Lazare coming in with some more amazing Anthem fan art: Source

  • Again, there is plans to utilize your xp after you reach max level: Source

  • There is an option to promote a leader in the full game: Source

  • If you pre-ordered, but were unable to get into the VIP Demo due to the tech issues, Mike stated the team is looking into ways of granting you the bonus vinyls: Source & Source

  • The team likes the idea of waypoints in FreePlay, but they won’t be available at launch: Source

  • Again, you can have a full set of legendary gear equipped at end game: Source

  • ICYMI, here’s a full update of the VIP Demo: Article

    • It seems in the last line of the article we’ll want to be around Sunday afternoon, (this is likely CST time), as they have a surprise for us. My guess would be a Shaper Event will take place. What do you think?

  • For those worried you’ll miss out on world events on the other side of the world, Jon stated that they’ve got you covered. So likely world events such as Shaper Storm will come at periodic times both during the day and night hours of play: Source

  • You will not be able to buy crafting materials with Shards. They are for cosmetics only. Shards are your premium currency (real money) and Coins are your in-game currency: Source & Source

  • Check the link for a cool view at the new light boxes in BioWare Austin: Source

  • If you didn’t notice the Ranger is the only javelin that can prime with their melee ability: Source

  • Inscriptions will be the stat that changes up our weapons. For example, two assault rifles at the same level and same rarity will have the same stats. So it’ll be the inscriptions that will make them more powerful, and remember that inscriptions apply to your entire build. They’re stack able: Source

  • Two primes on a target does not result in more damage to said target: Source

  • Enemies that have shields cannot be primed until the shield is diminished. Remember Frost & Lightning are effective against shields. I actually have a preview build to showcase soon after the demo on this: Source

  • VOIP will be on by default in the full game: Source

  • Pentapod showcasing the true viciousness of the Grabbit. May the Grabbit wars begin: Source

  • A legendary Component happened to drop at the event in Tokyo: Source

  • Storm seems to be taking that top spot now as most desired Javelin: Source

  • The inscription piece where Storm inscriptions roll on Ranger gear is a bug that’s been fixed for the final game. There is also a bug where some inscriptions have 0%: Source & Source

Lots more screenshots and Anthem Demo gameplay to come. Be sure to try the game out for yourself, or watch some gameplay from streamers on Twitch, Mixer, YouTube and Facebook. Whatever suits your needs.

See you out in Bastion! #havefun




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