January 20th – January 26th

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Content provided by iGame

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Let’s dive in before we jump off the Fort Tarsis wall with our Javelins…

  • Check out the new Anthem VIP Demo Trailer: Video

  • Again, full transparency from the devs, the only exclusive items to paid currency is the Legion of Dawn Preorder and Deluxe items: Source

  • There’s been a change to Properties on Masterwork gear. Masterworks w/o a Property will now be easier to get while Masterworks gear with a Property will be harder to get: Source

  • There will be multiple builds you can utilize with component slots, including builds that prioritize gunplay over abilities: Source

  • You know you want to catch Ben Irving’s excitement at the London capture event: Source

  • The demo will be in 4k if you have an Xbox One X, likely the same for PS4 Pro: Source

  • Frost abilities will actually be able to clear a fire status effect on your team mates: Source

  • World’s first Legendary Drop in Anthem: Source

  • The Interceptor’s melee has been balanced, so it’s not as OP as it was in the beginning: Source

  • Lightning & Frost abilities are stronger against Shields while Fire & Acid abilities are stronger against Armor: Source

  • Masterwork & Legendary Components are now capped at 2 inscriptions. There are still 4 inscriptions for Gear & Weapons: Source

  • New Anthem furniture coming at you: Source & Source

  • Again, Blueprints are always there once you unlock them, and they scale to your Pilot Level so they should always be viable: Source

  • IGN released a very informative article on Anthem this week, a lot of info available here such as: Source

    • We know there are other cities, the story trailer awhile back sort of leaned towards that assumption, but now we know for sure that the red wall city was indeed another city known as Freemark. This city was destroyed by the Dominion who disappeared.

    • More info is in the article so highly recommend a read through.

  • Guns have no durability so need to worry about repairing them in anyway: Source

  • No weapons will have a primer function at launch: Source

  • There is a significant difference between Gear that is level 45 compared to 47: Source

  • This week we found out that there are some components are unique, where you can only equip one of them. Be interesting to see how this works: Source

  • The Max Gear Score at launch is 517 (47 is highest gear score times 11 slots): Source

  • Mike Gamble breaks down the Friends Codes for the VIP Demo, check this tweet. If you’re still having issues contact EA Help: Source & Source & EA Help Info

  • Colossus shield only takes damage when it deflects, not during a melee: Source

  • Heavy Machine Guns and LMGs are different, LMGs can be used by everyone while HMGs can only be used by the Colossus: Source

  • Inscriptions on all your gear are always relevant, even if a gun is holstered: Source

  • Weapons pull from all inscriptions (or several pools of inscriptions). So weapons will have different weapon inscriptions on them. Example in the photo below where an Assault Rifle has Sniper Inscriptions: Source

  • The Anthem Javelin sites have been updated. Check out the new layout of each Javelin:

  • Everyone can download the demo. Only those that have access to the VIP Demo will be able to play on the 25th: Source

  • There will be a road map after launch: Source

  • Sooo…the dev team listened to the community and created a Social HUB for Anthem that can hold 16 players. This won’t be available till launch: Source & Source & Source

  • Nothing yet on the Photo Mode: Source

  • Some sweet new Anthem fan art from Reddit user u/phobox91: Source

Just a heads up there’s an Anthem Community Event going on during the Open Demo where me, YourAnthem, and the Anthem Gaming Community will be judging personalized Javelin submissions. Check out www.anthemarmory.com to find out all the details: Source

Just wanted to jump in and give you an update this week on all the news before we all deep dive into this VIP Demo. Have fun and if you want to join in on another conversation check out out my latest video on status effects and potential thought on mechanics with the dynamic weather in Anthem: Video

Time to dive into the demo! #havefun



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