January 13th – January 19th

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Content provided by iGame

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IGN released a couple videos over the past week so if you missed any of them, they are all linked below:

  • 7 Minutes of Fort Tarsis Exploration Gameplay: Video

  • 10 Minutes of Hidden Depths Gameplay: Video

Don’t forget to check out the new Anthem video they launched the same day as the Ranger Gameplay live stream. It you’re new to Anthem it’ll answer a ton of questions you may have. Plus, there’s some sweet never before seen customization in there. Link to both the video and live stream are below:

  • Gameplay Series, Part 1: Video

  • Ranger Javelin Gameplay Live Stream: Video


Ben and Emily definitely showcased an amazing portion of the game in this past week’s live stream. We witnessed a lot of gameplay from the Ranger’s perspective with some new abilities that we’ve never seen before.

We did a write up for those who want to check out a full recap on the latest live stream. You can find that write up here: Fight For Your Faction

Most of everything you need to know is in this write up, but these are a few items I wanted to showcase to you this week.

  • If you were curious as to Ben Irvings loadout during the stream you can find it below:

    • Weapon Slot 1: Hand Cannon (Slow rate of fire, but has a greater weak point multiplier)

    • Weapon Slot 2: Double-shot Shotgun

    • Gear Slot 1: Sticky Bomb

    • Gear Slot 2: Spark Beam

    • Support Slot: Muster Point

  • There have been many UI updates on the HUD of Anthem, and some of them are quite detailed. For instance, you’ll notice during when recovering echoes of a Shaper Relic. There’s a green radar that pops up below your compass at the top of the head. The green ping showcases the direction of a relic, but there’s also this white dot in the middle of it. This dot actually changes to an arrow when your Javelin is above or below the elevation of the echo. Very useful in tracking down each of them quickly.

  • There’s been a change in the “postmaster” function of loot you may have missed. As Ben Irving stated in the stream, only Masterwork & Legendary loot will be mailed to you at the end of the mission, anything lower will be lost. This offers some protection of these super rare items, but in the end this is a looter RPG style game. The devs wants you to go out and grab that loot and find value and making sure you pick it up. You’ll see its quite easy to see within the latest gameplay: Another Source

  • We knew weather had an impact in the world of Anthem, but we were finally able to see that impact in the live stream. Rain will actually place you in a cooled state which allows you to fly/hover longer. Lightning can even strike you and knock you from the sky when flying in a storm. Be interesting to see if they change the mechanics of status effects to the weather elements, but that’s a talk for another time.

  • The team presented a new party widget that actually shows your team’s health, shield and even the location of where they are at from your location. Definitely will make it easier to see when someone is down, or needs to back off from the fight. I would like to see and Ultimate meter added into this UI Element, but it could be that they don’t want other team mates becoming backseat pilots.

  • Ben Irving also showcased the Ripstream during the stream. The Ripstream is basically a creative way for the BioWare team to control our flight ceiling within Anthem. Basically, high velocity turbulent winds that force you back down to ground.

Everything else you need to know from the live stream is in the Fort Tarsis team’s article and in my video at the bottom of this post. With those two and what i discussed, you’re pretty much up-to-date on what occurred in the live stream.

Now let’s get into what new info we have from the devs from this past week…

  • Just a reminder each Javelin can be built for offense, defense, and utility: Source

  • Multiple status effects types can be applied to one creature: Source

  • For you PC users, there will be different mouse sensitivity options for aiming and flying: Source

  • Ben liked Ricky’s idea on Twitter for later expansion where we could possibly customize the color of the elements we cast. This goes in line with aura customization and jet engine color: Source

  • Not sure if I covered this one before, but the demo will be available for preload on January 23rd: Source

  • For any of you curious, Mike will be playing the demo as the Storm on Xbox One X: Source

  • Weapons and Gear Abilities have effective ranges so distance will matter: Source

  • If you have unlocked Grand Master difficulty you can invite a friend to play with you, even if they haven’t unlocked it themselves: Source

  • Emotes will be purchasable in Anthem: Source

  • The Primer and Detonator icons have changed. Primers are now signified by a target looking circle, and Detonator is now what looks to be a throwing star type icon: Source & Source

  • Another change, not all Masterworks will come with a Property on them. There are now more in the loot pool, but the rarer Masterwork loot will have Properties on them. Both still very powerful: Source

  • Ben was clearly surprised about the randomness they encountered at Stage 3 of the Legendary Contract showcased in the live stream: Source

  • The Ranger’s Muster Point only buffs guns, not your gear and ultimate ability: Source

  • Hovering is now only horizontal movement: Source

  • Invert is a thing on PC, Ben later corrected typo that occurred during the stream: Source

  • If you encounter two different factions of enemies, they will treat everyone as hostile and their own threat rules: Source

  • You’ll have to complete quite a few tasks for an agent before Legendary Contracts unlock. It’s not simply level gated at pilot level 30: Source

  • Answer for why friendly fire isn’t a thing in Anthem: Source

  • Hover for our Javelins will be toggled, you won’t have to hold the button down: Source

  • Frame rate on console could be prioritized sometime in the future: Source

  • You’ll get to see exactly how the currency system will work in the demo: Source

  • Jarra’s Wrath, a volt rifle we saw revealed during the E3 2017 gameplay trailer, is still in the game: Source

  • We will see streams in the future from the Anthem team after launch: Source

  • The weather you see in Anthem is a global thing and effects everything: Source

  • Mark gave a great run down of how the demo will be different from the game: Source

  • Weekly Quote by Ninja Mike: Source

Developer/Customer transparency is a two way street. Sometimes we say things you like. Other times we say things you’re not fond of. That’s definitely part of the relationship. But we still [love] each other. – Mike Gamble

  • Clarification on non-combo abilities in Anthem. These abilities do more damage compared to a detonator ability that doesn’t detonate, and more raw damage than a primer because they don’t provide the primed effect: Source

  • Jon states the team is working on cross save functionality. It’s tricky: Source

Less than a week to go before the VIP Demo so unless some vital information comes about I may not be doing a weekly update next week. We’ll see. I’ll likely be catching to much footage and running tests. I will be streaming the VIP Demo so if you want to catch some footage, if you’re not yourself in the game, check out the stream times here: iGame Events

If you want more info on Legendary Contracts you can check out my latest video that just dropped. Its short and sweet and gives you all the info you need on these end game contracts: Video

Remember to tag with #AMAAAA when submitting questions to the devs so they’re easier to find.



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