January 6th – January 12th

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Content provided by iGame

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IGN released quite a few videos over the past week so if you missed any of them, they are all linked below:

  • 8 Minutes of Freeplay: Video

  • Interceptor Javelin Profile: Video

  • Storm Javelin Profile: Video

  • 15 minutes of Lost Arcanist Gameplay: Video

A majority of new info we received came from the latest video where we saw 8 minutes of free roam gameplay from the POV of the Interceptor & Storm. Here are some of the new game elements we learned of:

The Outlaw Faction also seems to control Javelins as we see the Storm & Interceptor make short work of this Elite Outlaw Elementalist in freeplay:

We also know what Prospero does within Fort Tarsis now. He sells upgrades & modifications for our Javelins, what all these might be is yet to be unseen. In the video you’ll here the narrator speaking of gathering ember for an upgrade. Thanks to an interview with Jon Warner with the Freelancer Codex crew we know that Ember is the fueling source for our Javelins. See that interview on Episode 65 here.

We found out that there are smaller, less threatening, Ash Titans (Lesser Ash Titans) that roam around the world. Here’s a quick glimpse of this encounter:

Thank to IGN’s Interceptor Profile video we now know that the Interceptor can replenish its shield faster the more it moves. Definitely your mobile ninja. In the clip below you’ll see an example of this. At the top left-hand corner, you see the shield starting go up, but notice as the Interceptor dashes and zips around how the shield substantially increases. So, movement will be high priority for this javelin:

During the IGN freeplay we also saw some new emotes that haven’t been showcased before:

We also saw an example of a Regional Cortex entry you could collect within the world:

These were the main key moments we learned of from the 8 minutes of gameplay we last saw from IGN. I recommend checking out the other three videos released that are linked above as there are more details on the Storm & Interceptor you may have missed.

I’m sure this week we will see a Ranger & Colossus profile go up, and through the Twitter vine from other content creators we know that there is more gameplay footage to come. What it all entails well we’ll just have to wait and see.


I also recommend checking out this French footage we learned of this past week. This is the only place I’ve seen so far with two clips of scoping in with a Sniper Rifle. Remember that time Ben Irving hinted that you might not want to equip dual snipers, well it could be that you have a very limited amount of ammo on them. At least we see that in the clip. Sniper clip is at 11:13 of the footage.

I actually love this quote from Ben Irving while in the interview portion of the video:

..we asked ourselves how do we make a game that fits in there and does something unique? The first big idea was heroic combat. As a super hero you are always moving forward you don’t run, you dive into action and do amazing things. Therefore, we wanted something for all that, while also having something from the real world that you could easily visualize like: “hey if I had a javelin suit I could do these amazing super heroic things.”

FYI this is not a direct quote. Captions don’t always gather the right words and its hard to hear Ben under the French voice over.

There was also great insight on why you’re not allowed to fly an unlimited amount of time. The creators want you to think tactfully when going up against enemies in Anthem. You still get that superhero feeling, but there are many ways that enemies can force you out of the air.

Now let’s get into everything we learned from the devs this past week…

  • Just a reminder that ammo is per weapon. Ammo drops restore ammo for both weapons: Source

  • Mike Gamble showcasing screenshots of Fort Tarsis as he does a play through over the weekend. Anyone else jealous?: Source & Source

  • Ben Irving states that its quite easy to bring another javelin with a lower gear score back up to your top javelin, or main. Also, weapons transfer quite easily between javelins: Source

  • On PC, you can rebind everything how ever you’d like: Source

  • A few weeks back we heard about the new unlock levels (2, 8, 16, 24). We now know you will simply unlock your javelin at the forge once you reach an associate pilot level: Source

  • Anthem has a loot table where the harder the content the better the loot and rarity drop. There won’t be specific gear dropping from specific mission, strongholds or bosses. Ben did state that if it is something that is needed after launch they’ll look into it: Source

  • Remember, gear abilities don’t have ammo. They are on cool downs: Source

  • If you know of anyone breaking the NDA be sure to contact @UNTDrew or @Darokaz on Twitter and they’ll look into it: Source & Source

  • Kevin Johnson, a Community Coordinator, created a thread on twitter from quite a few content creators that had a chance to jump into Anthem early. Check out the thread if you want to catch each individual perspective: Source

  • No vote to kick in Anthem. Ben Irving stated there are too negative behaviors that come from this. I definitely agree on this: Source

  • When each javelin uses their ultimate ability they become invulnerable for a period of time: Source

  • Great quote from Mike Gamble on why the Anthem team is providing a demo for the game: Source

Had a few people ask me about why we are doing an open Demo. This is why: your money is hard earned. Games are an investment. We think it’s fair you get to try before you buy. The entire campaign has been one of transparency, and we think Anthem is cool to watch but AWESOME to play – Mike Gamble

  • Melee damage and Ultimate damage is scaled to your javelin’s gear score: Source

  • Update on visors, you will not be able to customize these at launch: Source

  • There a few abilities on the Colossus that it can use with the shield up: Source

  • Jon Warner catching a beautiful view in his Ranger while exploring the world. I’m actually very curious, but I’m guessing that’s the Anthem of Creation showcased in the background. This is a total assumption, but given the alluding comments that steer away from a direct answer when asking the devs about it, its possible that this is it: Source

  • Mad Bee coming at us with another epic Javelin personalization for the Storm: Source

  • Next Live Stream coming at us on January 17, 2019 @3pm (CST) with Ben Irving on the mouse and keyboard. From the poll Ben put out it looks like we could see the Range or Colossus on the stream as they tied up in the polls: Source & Source & Source

  • Yes, as the game expands there will likely be more abilities coming for each Javelin: Source

  • More info for the demo, Mike stated that the progression (XP earned) as well as the general in-game economy balance will be a bit easier in the demo. We will also receive 100 coins to blow on some fancy cosmetics. ALso, there is no premium currency within the game. No sense buying items you can’t acquire in the full game: Source & Source

  • No stealth mechanic or invisibility within Anthem: Source

  • Clarification loot boxes and mtx once again from Mike: Source

We aren’t going to add loot boxes. It serves no purpose. The cosmetics and mtx plan is what we’ve outlined. Legion of dawn is 4 new armour packs. They aren’t just skins. Each javelin has 4 armour bits. You get 16 with LOD + wpn + other goodies -Mike Gamble

  • As we found out from the new free roam gameplay from IGN, there are such things as Lesser Ash Titans. Jon stated that these are smaller and (somewhat) less fierce: Source

  • There will be some sort of weekly activities that are mostly pilot based: Source

  • If you didn’t catch it in the EA Play footage there’s a point where the Ranger tosses a Frost Grenade into a group of Scars, freezing them and allowing the Colossus to combo them with a burst mortar. If you spotted it the Scar elite gets frozen as the combo spreads the status effect. This only took effect because this happened to be a”Legendary Frost Grenade that had an additional property allowing the effect to spread. Normally only the Storm can spread status elements when it combos. More on Combo Effect Abilities for each Javelin in the video showcased in this week’s update: Source

  • In future streams, the dev team will be able to switch between different live perspectives: Source

  • We don’t know yet what the highest rarity loot drop will be in the demos coming up: Source

  • No practice range or dummies to test out weapons & abilities in Anthem: Source

  • Feedback received from the Closed Alpha was input into the final build of the game, where needed: Source

  • Mike provided us with a clarification on what to expect redeeming a code for the VIP Demo: Source

  • Demo looks to be going live at 11am (CST), could change though: Source

  • Grand Master is the start of end game difficulty. It unlocks at level 30: Source

  • No bows at the launch of Anthem: Source

  • Casey Hudson apparently was lurking around the office late looking for protein, that pizza looks bomb. Kitchen posts are back: Source

  • The devs are not outlining the demo before hand. You’ll just have to jump in and find out what’s in store and where the limits are: Source

12 days till the VIP Demo. Who’s ready?

Remember to tag with #AMAAAA when submitting questions to the devs so they’re easier to find.



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