December 30th – January 5th

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Before we get into the updates there’s been a lot of questions regarding the demo lately. Check out my video above giving you all the details on the upcoming demos. The only info that has changed is the Javelin unlock levels that I discuss in the video. More info on that in the below update.

Now let’s get into all we learned this past week and thanks to Ben Irving, Mike Gamble, and Mark Darrah we have a lot to cover…

  • For those of you on PS4 worried that you won’t be able to participate in the VIP Demo. You don’t need EA Access, all you need is to pre-order Anthem, otherwise, you can play in the Open Demo on Feb. 1st: Source

  • According to Jon, you will be able to pick a name, or call sign, for your character in Anthem, but others will only see your Origin platform, PSN, or Xbox Live name: Source

  • If you complete all the main line quests, you can go back to complete all the side quests later: Source

  • Again, you will be able to personalize your javelin at the forge within the demo: Source

  • The team has made optimization improvements to the game since the Closed Alpha: Source

  • Its possible that we could see a live stream with Ben Irving & Mike during the demos: Source

  • Level cap is 30 at launch, and yes we will see it rise as the game expands: Source

  • The weapon you acquire from the preorder is intended to get you started in the game. Won’t be viable after you finish the early game and acquire better loot. You should be able to utilize this weapon at level 5: Source & Source & Source

  • Remember the NDA is forever. For those that took part in the closed alpha the reason you are still under NDA is because much has changed from the Alpha and actual game so the team doesn’t want old information coming out that may confuse people about the actual game: Source & Source

  • Awesome FanArt keeps pouring in from the community: Source

  • Again, no companion app is coming at launch of Anthem: Source

  • Again, you can create or delete as many pilots (characters) as you need. Doesn’t mean there are unlimited slots though: Source

  • All weapons will be balanced against each other. This is likely to ensure you will still feel powerful with your preferred play style instead of creating a META: Source

  • Yes, you can squad up with friends in the demos: Source

  • Someone asked about tight aim and Ben clarified that in tight aim you get better accuracy (similar to ADS except not looking through sights). Accuracy is improved here through modifiers on recoil, bullet spread and assist curves (only on consoles, no assist on PC). Also, lower sensitivity: Source & Source

  • Mike sent out a poll on Twitter asking players what there main would be in Anthem. Even though the Storm took the top spot, its pretty well balanced across this poll: Source

  • Increased in difficulty is mainly modifying health and damage of the enemies, but when there is an elite of higher version of a creature there are tweaks in behaviors such as accuracy and dodge frequency: Source

  • More live streams coming soon. Timing is currently TBD: Source

  • We won’t be able to at launch, but at some point, we will hopefully be able to inspect other players gear/loadout: Source

  • In a respawn restricted area, there is no timer on being able to revive (repair) teammates. You can do so until the party wipes, or you repair them. Also, only one person can repair a teammate per person. You can’t revive faster with multiple people: Source & Source

  • If you were worried about ammo problems, larger creatures will drop ammo even if you don’t kill them. Only specific ones do this. As long as you are pushing forward and hit your shots you shouldn’t have any issues with ammo: Source

  • You can equip two of the same weapon type, such as two sniper rifles, but given Ben’s comment on this tweet, Sniper Rifles don’t seem to have a lot of ammo: Source

  • Derrick on Twitter asked if there were inscriptions that could boost such things as the Interceptor’s Aura duration which it triggers on a combo effect, video on that coming tomorrow btw. After, a back and forth and a Ron Burgundy quote, Ben Irving stated that likely the Aura Combo Rate inscription we saw in the last live stream is the one that increases the Interceptor’s Aura duration, which currently is clocked at about 10 seconds: Source

  • According to Ben, starting on hard advice would be “Git gud”: Source

  • Legendary contracts are repeatable, dynamic, endgame content that takes you out into the world to satisfy certain objectives, and apparently, they’re rather difficult. There are non-legendary contracts that attempt to train you for future legendary ones: Source

  • Another awesome piece of fan art by Lazare Gvimradze: Source

  • Another example of scaling in Anthem, number of creatures scales based on how many players are in your squad: Source

  • There is currently no caps at the moment on inscription stacks. Meaning it might be possible to create a build with 100% ability spam. Won’t know till we get in though: Source

  • If you missed it in a previous weekly update status effects are as follows; fire = dot(damage over time), frost = frozen, acid = dmg taken debuff, electricity = AOE(area of effect) pulse: Source

  • Jesse Anderson, Global Community Manager, will be out and about at PAX South if you happen to be attending on Saturday, January 19th: Source

  • Mike gets us an inside view of the audio director doing his thing: Source

  • We could see a crafting stream coming up: Source

  • Blueprints will be obtained as a specific type, not weapon type: Source

  • You can equip every slot with Legendary tier gear/weapons if you work hard enough: Source

  • Ben clarified that your javelin’s ultimate can also be used as detonator, more on that in tomorrow’s video. At launch, weapons will not be able to detonate primed targets: Source & Source

  • You can’t change your Javelins headlight colors at launch of Anthem: Source

  • Yes, Titan’s will be available to try and tackle in the demos: Source

  • If you fly to high in Anthem you will encounter turbulence. This is likely the rip stream: Source

  • Controls have been updated since the Closed Alpha, most notably on PC: Source

  • The Anthem team refers to easy groups of enemies as mobs, in case you were interested: Source

  • The Storm’s Nexus ability applies to both you and your team, not just your team. So, this would be the same for the Ranger’s Bulwark ability: Source

  • If you didn’t see it there was an IGN first where we saw 15 minutes of gameplay for the Lost Arcanist mission showcased previously at the Paris Games, except this time around you get to see all three perspectives of the Storm, Interceptor & Colossus. You’ll also see the Storm’s new Ultimate sequence. Basically the Storm doesn’t drop the meteors in its final hoorah anymore, now the meteor drops immediately after each of the three element marks instead of dropping once you’ve placed the three marks: Video & Source

  • Your storage cap for the vault is currently capped at 250: Source

  • Mike clarifies how the “my story” works when playing with friends, ” you have your story. And when you run a mission, it progresses you. If your group is at the same point, it progresses them too. If you’re playing a mission you haven’t unlocked in your story, or already played, you do it for xp and loot. No story progress.”: Source

  • If you didn’t already know, many of the OG Mass Effect & Dragon Age team members are working on Anthem: Source

  • Console FPS is currently capped at 30fps at launch: Source

  • Javelin unlock levels have changes to 2, 8, 16, & 24. This could still change again at launch. The way it’ll work is that you’ll complete the tutorial with the Ranger and then once you reach level 2 you can choose the javelin of your choice: Source & Source

  • You cannot use you ultimate, such as the Interceptor’s Assassin Blades, and repair a teammate: Source

  • Demos will be able to be preloaded a few days before launch: Source & Source

  • And last, check out some last-minute fan art posted on Reddit from user u/xmisren. He has no Twitter, but check out his Instagram here: Source & Source

We are now 19 days till the VIP Demo launch on January 27th. Get ready for some fun!

Remember to tag with #AMAAAA when submitting questions to the devs so they’re easier to find.



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