December 23rd – December 29th

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I give you the last weekly update of 2018! Let’s dive in..

  • You can apply multiple status effects to a target, but you can only detonate one. This will be the last applied status effect: Source

  • Again, there will be about 100 or so masterwork/legendary weapons and gear at launch, and yes they will be adding more: Source

  • You will be able to create loadouts for each javelin that focus on either priming or detonating targets: Source

  • As I’m sure you’ve seen in gameplay and was discussed during the first stronghold gameplay, higher level enemies will require more stacks of a status effect to be applied. Some can never be frozen: Source

  • u/BenIrvo gave us more clarity on Masterwork and Legendary gear in the comments below: Source

  • There are very few abilities the Colossus can use while having the shield: Source

  • Abilities like the Ranger’s Bulwark & the Storm’s Wind Wall will absorb all damage from enemies. How long it stays up depends on the damage applied to it which will scale based on the gear’s rarity level, and yes you and your teammates can fire through these abilities as seen in the live stream gameplay. So to recap these abilities have a time duration that they’re up and absorb damage: Source & Source & Source

  • The length of the entire critical path of Anthem (story) depends on how you play: Source & Source

  • There will be no gear set pieces at the launch of Anthem: Source

  • If you didn’t already know this is a pretty heavily stat based game, and lots of builds: Source & Source

  • As discussed in previous weekly updates, there is an AFK timer. Currently it sits at about 2 minutes, but the team will need your feedback on whether this is optimal or not: Source

  • This next one is awesome to hear. All your gear, weapons, and items are in the vault and will be pulled directly from the vault: Source

  • At launch the hardest content will be Strongholds & Legendary Contracts. u/BenIrvo hinted that we will see what else is in store for us soon enough. Maybe in January? Special trailer right after the demo? Just speculating here: Source

  • Not dev related but you want some cool banner fanart check these out: Source

  • If someone drops out of a stronghold the remaining three players can continue, and matchmaking will reinstate itself to find a backfill: Source

  • Again, the vault is not unlimited. Server space doesn’t allow it: Source

  • Back to the Interceptor’s Aura ability, there will only be one aura after a combo and it will, again, take the last status effect you combo on: Source

  • u/BenIrvo is not positive but abilities like the Bulwark and Wind Wall should stack on each other: Source

  • A bonus from taking down bosses in Anthem is that they will spawn chests at the end of certain encounters once you defeat the final target: Source

  • Apparently, we won’t be able to customize our weapons at launch. Each weapon is individually unique to one another: Source

  • The VIP Demo & Open Demo are the same client. So if you play the VIP Demo you won’t have to download another client for the open demo: Source

  • For those of you who participate in the VIP Demo, the exclusive in-game item you receive for participating will be an exclusive decal that shows you were on of the first to play: Source & Source

Hope you all have an amazing New Year. 2019 is going to be exciting. Less than a month till the first demo, and less than two till Anthem finally launches. Get stoked!

Remember to tag with #AMAAAA when submitting questions to the devs so they’re easier to find.




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