December 16th – December 22nd

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Our good friends at Fort Tarsis already wrote article about the live stream so you can updated on all the finding here: Article

I did want to showcase a few things that you may have not caught while watching the live stream this past week. Our Fort Tarsis friends did showcase the squad makeup for the Javelins used, but I wanted to get a bit more detailed so you know the load outs used. See below:

  • Jon Warner | Storm: Focused on priming targets for combos

    • Gear Slot 1: Ice Storm

    • Gear Slot 2: Hoarfrost Shards

    • Support Slot: Windwall

  • Ben Irving | Colossus: Focused on tanking, detonating combos & pulling aggro for the team

    • Gear Slot 1: Shock Coil

    • Gear Slot 2: Heavy Cannon

    • Support Slot: Taunt

  • Mike Gamble | Interceptor (POV of Stream): Melee Build for CQ & debuffing the targets

    • Weapon Slot 1: Pistol

    • Weapon Slot 2: Double-burst Shotgun

    • Gear Slot 1: Acid Bomb

    • Gear Slot 2: Plasma Star

    • Support Slot: Target Beacon

Below you can see a screen shot of the most recent HUD in the build showcased, and what the Interceptors Gear Slot icons look like:

We also got a good look at the Colossus’s Taunt ability and Shock Coil. You’ll notice with any support ability that marks an enemy, they’ll have a glowing red aura and a beacon point above the target:

Another ability I want to showcase is the Interceptor’s Aura mechanic. As stated in the last weekly update, we found out that each Javelin has their own combo effect. The Interceptor’s is this Aura where the Javelin can carry this status effect to other targets. In the example below, Mike primes the Legendary Scar Enforcer with his Acid Bomb, which also debuffs the target, and apparently the Interceptor’s melee ability is a detonator so its combos with the status effect which allows Mike’s javelin to inherit an Acid Aura that could transfer to other enemies.

Last thing I wanted to point out is that debuffs Support Abilities like Target Beacon and Taunt do stack on top of each other as confirmed by Ben Irving this past week (Source). You can get a better view of this in the video below:

At the end of the developer live stream we did spot two more new inscriptions we hadn’t seen before when Mike was going through some of the loot he acquired:

  • Aura Combo Rate

  • Faster Recharge

If you want to learn more on gear diversity and the inscriptions we know of for Anthem, you can check out one of my most recent videos covering this topic: Video

One of the questions answered at the end of the stream was regarding the questions of Will there be Raids in Anthem? Although not a direct answer but here’s basically what Ben Irving stated:

“Every game needs aspirational content. We need a challenging long tail chase. There’s a lot at launch. You start chasing loot and getting more powerful. At Elder Game you have Strongholds and Legendary contracts. As the team enters the live service of the game the dev team has some aspirational stuff they want to add to the game, but they unfortunately can’t talk about it yet. And they’re not calling it a raid. They’ll talk about it next year after launch. It ties into the story.”

Now let’s get into all the information we learned from the dev team this past week…

  • There are things that, when unlocked, will apply to all of your pilots you create within Anthem. Mike stated they will get you a list before launch of what we can unlock. Although we can use the same unlocks across separate Freelancers, you cannot exchange loot between them: Source & Source

  • Again, there is no NDA for the demos coming up, and there is no “beta”, just the demo: Source

  • Front row view of the live stream setup from this past week: Source

  • Melee damage is scaled and calculated based on your gear score: Source

  • All gear & loot acquired from free roam or a mission is unidentified until the end of the mission: Source

  • If you hadn’t heard there will be some of the Anthem team members out at PAX South (San Antonio, TX): Source

  • Currently, max pilot level is 30, but this could increase later on: Source

  • There could be developer play days after launch of Anthem, Mike stated he is definitely available for that: Source & Source

  • Our in-game currency will be known as Coins: Source

  • The melee combos you saw during the live stream are all the Interceptor currently has: Source

  • We could see infusion later on in Anthem, but that’s only if it makes sense for the game: Source

  • The dev team has some ideas already for some possible “future” javelins, but nothing concrete and nothing they are ready to talk about just yet: Source

  • At launch there will be one Legendary for every ability in Anthem which the team will expand on over time: Source

  • Again, there is no beta, only the demos coming up. We will start the demo at level 10 and have access to all four javelins, but will have to choose from the four. The demo will also allow us to have a sneak peak at gear pieces we could earn for our javelins come launch: Source & Source & Source & Source

  • If you don’t make it through the whole mission because say its too difficult, you keep the loot and XP you’ve already acquired: Source

  • Currently, if you get disconnected for some reason you or a friend has 2 minutes to load back in before becoming AFK: Source & Source & Source

  • XP, just like loot, is showcased at the end of a mission. There’s also a social menu where you can see what level a player is. This means you only level up when return from an expedition: Source & Source & Source

  • At launch, there will not be a way you can see another player’s gear that they have quipped, but as Ben stated you could always ask them through VOIP: Source

  • There are different archetypes for each weapon type such as say an Auto Rifle. One could have a faster fire rate but lower damage, or a lower fire rate with a higher damage output: Source

  • There’s likely about 100 different Masterwork & Legendary pieces in Anthem. About 70ish of those are gear & weapons and the the rest are components: Source

  • Currently we can’t see other players health and shield on our HUD. This is something the dev team is looking into, but they’re not sure yet if this will be available: Source

  • Again, all regular content updates will be free in Anthem: Source

  • At launch, we will not have the ability to lock our loot, but Ben stated it was a good idea. You have to hold to delete anything currently in the game: Source & Source

  • We don’t know the confirmed radius of Support Abilities like Taunt, but Ben stated it hits the things you need it to: Source

  • Some components within Anthem are Javelin specific and other are agnostic: Source

  • Bosses do spawn in free roam and yes they will drop high end loot. The hardest content & highest difficulty, though, will still drop the best loot: Source

  • Also, if for some reason you get disconnected from a server say 90% through a Stronghold, you won’t lose your XP. It saves, thanks to dedicated servers, and it will hit the next time you earn XP: Source

  • Currently, the melee of the Interceptor does not have a cool down compared to the other Javelins: Source

  • As stated in a previous weekly update, there is no way to limit what javelins join you through matchmaking. Its ok to have multiple of the same javelin when going into a mission: Source

  • The dev team is working to have all Javelins tuned to output equal damage so that no one Javelin is the meta in the game: Source

  • You cannot adjust the 3rd person view within Anthem. This is usually only found in cover based shooters, which Anthem is not: Source & Source

  • All content is scaled to your pilot level, but once you acquire high level gear like Masterwork and Legendary you will be become very powerful when redoing lower end content: Source

  • Not from the devs, but I couldn’t go without showing this awesome piece of work by Dan Zhbanov. You can see all his work here: Source

Shout out to u/BenIrvo for answering an immense amount of questions on Twitter before the holidays. The community always appreciates you and the teams hard work and answering all of our questions for Anthem.

I don’t know if there will be a weekly update next week due to the holiday break, but if any questions are answered I’ll be sure to report them here. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Remember to tag with #AMAAAA when submitting questions to the devs so they’re easier to find.



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