December 9th – December 15th

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Let’s dive in…

There was a Live Stream this past week.

Anthem Shows How You Can Play Your Way: Article

  • If you’re still holding onto the Closed Alpha client on your PC & Console, go ahead and delete it as it won’t be used again: Source

  • The Demos coming up on January 25th (VIP Demo) and February 1st (Open Demo) will be content gated, like most demos. They will run for a limited time (3 days), and are designed to give the player a great cross section of the game. To play the VIP Demo you must pre-order Anthem, be an EA Access member, or Origin Access member at the time of the VIP Demo to participate. Find all the details here: Source & Source & Source & Source

  • u/BenIrvo stated that they might have another write up posted to Reddit on what they learned from the most recent Closed Alpha, it just may not be Ben that writes this one. Apparently, a lot was learned during the Closed Alpha, but nothing they can share at this time: Source & Source

  • If you pre-ordered a physical copy of Anthem from Gamestop, or another retailer, don’t fret as the retailer will be providing you with the codes to the VIP Demo before it launches: Source

  • New write up on the EA website about the Monitor and his Dominion faction: Source

  • There’s an article out discussing how BioWare won’t rely on big-spending ‘whales’ for success. It’s a short read and it features some Mike Gamble statements. Go check it out: Article

  • Mr. Jon Warner himself could pop onto another Live Stream with Mike or Ben here soon: Source

  • We saw an inside look at the stream room in Austin before they went live: Source

  • You might have missed it as it launched right before the live stream this past week, but a new Legion of Dawn Trailer came out and its AWESOME! You can also find out more on the lore of the Legion of Dawn here: Source


  • You can also check out the latest live stream covering loot, progression, and gear here. There’s also some sweet Ranger gameplay on Master Difficulty.

  • The full character creator will not be available in the demo as they are not including the beginning of the game: Source

  • General Helena Tarsis’s Javelin is actually a custom Javelin that we have not seen yet that’s closely related to the Colossus: Source

  • Again, photo mode will likely not be available at launch given the tricky functionality in multiplayer: Source

  • Your Javelin doesn’t have a level. Your pilot and gear does as you’ll see in the live stream. Enemy spawns are based on your pilot level: Source

  • At max level we still don’t know yet what happens with our xp. u/BenIrvo stated its a story for another day: Source

  • Even though this is my tweet u/BenIrvo thought it was important enough to Retweet so here’s basically a summary of the live stream in under one minute: Source

Developer Live Stream Dec. 13 – Summary

  • Yes, you will be able to play with friends and match make with other people in the upcoming demos: Source

  • Emily came back with a wrapped Christmas present for all of us: Source

  • You’ll notice during the live stream gameplay that UI has changed once again in the bottom right corner. According to Ben, this is a pretty honed version of what you’ll see at the launch of the game: Source

  • If you’re interested in pulling aggro for your team in Anthem, Ben stated that there are ways of doing so within our gear: Source

  • Might be a confusing answer as its not direct, but it seems recipes are likely tied to our Pilot level. Recipes are basically blueprints that we acquire to craft weapons or gear: Source

  • During the live stream we learned that different elemental damage has different effects on the enemy. Ice of course freezes your target, fire burns, but Ben later answered that Acid actually debuffs creatures to take more damage, and electricity causes an Area of Effect (AOE) around a target: Source

  • We learned a while back that certain gear primes targets and others are detonators. So for instance, if you primed three targets with an ability and you use a detonator ability you would initiate three combos: Source

  • Blueprints scale to your pilot level: Source & Source

  • There are support build options in Anthem. You can gear towards crowd control (CC) and status effects. There is a support ability slot for each Javelin in which there will be two abilities to choose from at launch: Source

  • The weapon you see in the LOD trailer is not just a weapon skin, you gain an actual weapon: Source

  • You cannot infuse or level up gear to a different tier level in Anthem: Source

  • Components do not have any form of visual element: Source

  • Once all slots are unlocked you will have 11 total slots filled (2 gear slots, 1 support slot, 2 weapon slots, and 6 component slots) all adding to your total gear score: Source & Source

  • Components, and the inscriptions they contain, are stackable: Source & Source

  • Some the explosions you saw in previous gameplay, such as E3, were toned down a bit due to gameplay and visibility concerns: Source

  • Developer streams will continue after launch of Anthem: Source

  • Combos items the team is working on is an instance where when say the Storm freezes an enemy, when that enemy is detonated by a combo the frozen status chains to nearby enemies. Currently those enemies that were frozen chained can’t be detonated. Basically in the current build we can’t chain prime enemies, but you can chain the AOE damage: Source & Source

  • You can tailor builds for each Javelin to your play style: Source

  • You can save multiple loadouts per Javelin. In the personalization live stream they stated five max, but that wasn’t set in stone: Source

  • You can craft components within Anthem: Source

  • Again, at launch we won’t see skins with VFX or SFX, but this is something Mark is really pulling for in the future: Source

  • For those wondering, yes you can stream the upcoming demos. Which I will be doing come launch with u/Ukumio and some other freelancers on twitch. You can catch me streaming sporadically at : Source

  • For those distance shooters out there, yes they’re multiple marksmen rifles including DMRs: Source

  • After you complete a story mission the game will take you back to your HUB: Source

  • You don’t always need each of the four different Javelins to tackle a mission as with the build diversity in Anthem you could have say 4 Rangers catered to four different play styles and do totally different things: Source

  • Currently, you can not boost a piece of gear that has really good inscription rolls: Source

  • If you missed it during the stream u/BenIrvo breaks down the Status and Combo Effects for us: Source

  • So, its confirmed once you reach the level threshold you will just automatically acquire your Javelin at the Forge, again your choice. No story missions tied to it: Source

Remember to tag with #AMAAAA when submitting questions to the devs so they’re easier to find.



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